Bifrost foods is a new Icelandic brand that brings out creative, functional and healthy food from the natural resources of Iceland. The company was founded by Runar Omarsson, a serial entrepreneur from Reykjavik who splits his time between business and pleasure with no clear boundaries. The idea of bringing out fish and chips as a super-snack came about on a mountain bike trip with legendary mountain bikers Hans “No Way” Rey and Steve Peat a few years ago.

As a mountain bike guide, Runar has packed potato chips and dried fish as the perfect meal into his backpack for years. The positive feedback from fellow mountain bikers, snowboarders and surfers from around the world inspired the idea of packing the two together and bring them out as “fish and chips” as a super-snack. Although fish and potatoes is the most popular meal in Iceland and the country has an abundance of both, it took some time to develop the perfect match but now we are ready to deliver worldwide.

In Norse mythology, Bifröst is the rainbow bridge between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.